SMART Program

Cutting edge advances in neuro-sciences + timeless principles. Lower stress and anxiety. Improve resiliency and wellbeing!

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Learn groundbreaking insights into understanding how the human brain operates and affects our performance at work, Participate in a program to help lower stress and improve the general well-being of your organization or community.



SMART Program

  • Decrease Stress
  • Increase Well-being
  • Two core sets of skills
  • Behavioral aspects of human experience,
  • Join us for a session!

Transform Course

  • Philosophy and psychology of stress
  • Duration is 6 months with 3 phases
  • Program is taught by Dr. Amit Sood
  • Learn more and sign up today!

Train the Trainer

  • Complete the Transform AIT course
  • Lifelong learning
  • Participate and pass on the program
  • Learn more about Teacher training!
A Word from our Executive Director, Cedar Valley Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing

We are pleased to be affiliated with Dr. Amit Sood, Professor of Medicine who developed the SMART program during the past 10 years with his research work at Mayo Clinic.  We are excited to be one of first three cities in the United States to introduce the SMART program to individuals and organizations in our area.  Please join us by learning the principles of how to live stronger and happier in our community!”

A Word from our Executive Director, Cedar Valley Center for Resiliency and Wellbeing
  • I value the practical counsel on reducing stress in my life, including solid scientific background on the experience of the principles.

    Senior executive, one of 10 largest organizations, Cedar Valley
  • I feel strongly that the SMART principles can greatly help on a personal and corporate level

    Manager, Fortune 500 company
  • I think it will be amazing if we could live in a community where the principles discussed by Dr. Sood could be part of our everyday lives.

    Cedar Falls Principal
  • I am generally a happier person since I attended the SMART workshop on campus

    UNI Employee

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